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"Enterprise Grade" Financial Trading Computers...
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Custom Trading Computers specializes in designing high performance computers for financial traders. . Our passion is helping serious traders gain an edge over the competition through technology. Our custom computer products are built from the ground up for reliability and performance that you can count on.

If you trade stocks, futures, options, commodities or forex... then see what our products can do for you. can do for you.

Custom Trading Computers - High Power Financial Trading Products

Financial Traders buy and sell various financial instruments. Working with the financial markets only requires a few basic elements. A strategy and trading plan, a broker and an online connection with the broker using a reliable trading computer. Beyond the basic elements, being a successful trader is all about having as many advantages as possible. One absolutely necessary element in gaining an advantage is a reliable high performance trading computer.

Trading Computers allow the trader to effectively connect to online accounts, get quotes and make trades, it is important for a computer system to be designed using real trading environments... which includes trading software and multiple monitors. Then the computer system must be thoroughly tested to ensure that the components work together reliably.

Trading Laptops can be used to run multiple monitors. The laptop can easily provide the performance to display the graphics for up to 4 external monitors (using an external adapter) and run the necessary trading software. Then when the trader is away from the office... the Laptop system can still be used to connect to their trading account and the view the markets over the internet. Although, the trader will not have the advantages of multiple monitors while away from the office.

Monitor Arrays for Laptops help the trader view more information at a glance rather than force the trader to repeatedly change computer windows. The multiple monitor array can help a trader gain many of the ergonomic advantages that a desktop system provides. Generally, these laptop systems will include a docking station that connects using a single USB cable and can provide access to an external keyboard, mouse and 2 external digital monitors. In addition, our laptops support 2 external monitors (1 digital and 1 analog) for a possible grand total (with a docking station) of 4 external monitors. These laptops give you ergonomic advantages and flexability to help you act quickly on a market opportunity.

For the best results in-office and away from the office, it is important that the Laptop be specifically designed using real trading environments and thoroughly tested to ensure that the computer components work together reliably with multiple monitors and the necessary software.

Your trading business counts on your system's performance and reliability - it is your business tool, and it's...
your "Life-line" to the markets.

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